Creating Wealth In A Tough Economy- Highlights From 11/3/2011

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

This was a fantastic show that had quite a few business owners sharing their experiences about the highs and lows of being your own boss. Here are some key points

1. Working for someone will not allow you to have total and complete economic freedom
2. Entrepreneurship requires both a community involvement and a spiritual component in order to be successful. There is also a certain amount of sweat equity that is required and demanded.
3. In the Time Matrix there is only  6 hours in a day for family and other life activities.
4. There is a difference between wealth and being rich
5. Residue income is a must in order to achieve wealth.
6. Financial planning is lacking among minorities and the concept is always learned too far in life rather than at the junior high level.
7. In most states you are an ‘At Will” employee which means that your job can terminate you at anytime with or without cause.
8. Residual Income vs Linear Based Income
9. Multi-Level Marketing as a viable income for economic freedom.
10. These businesses were represented on the call: Organic Coffee, Taylor Exotic Travel, Women Building Connections and The Collaborative Consulting Group were all guest on the show.
11. We were in awe listening to Hugh Traulsen speaking on the CEO Fertilizer. Go check his website out at His connection to President Obama and The Tea Party was amazing. He will be a guest on a future show.
12. Why don’t African-Americans barter or exchange services?
13. Fear keeps people from venturing out and owning their own businesses.

Do you now understand why it is important to put us on your weekly calendar? Real talk about real issues that effect us all. Look to the right side of the website and click on this week’s show to here and experience all of these highlights.


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