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Across the Pond

Delhi Police Constable Suspended For Molestation

More Incidents Of Molestation And Sexual Assault Tahrir Square

Rants and Raves

Family Seeks New Law On Reporting Child Molestation

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Everything Is Not Fine As A Third Victim Accuses Syracuse Coach

Erie Teacher Accused Of Molstation Wants Charges Dismissed



Local Boy Speaks After Sexual Assault At Local YMCA

Part II Protecting Children From Sex Crimes

 8 Month Old Baby Found Bruised, Emaciated; Mom Arrested

 Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Rise In Child Abuse Reports in PA, NY and NJ Amid Penn State Scandal

 Texas Judge Suspended For Beating Of Disabled Daughter Caught On Video

 Urgent Care Doctor Charged With Sexual Assault


Missing Girl 2, Found Dead In Park Stream

Sex, Lies and Videotape

Andrew Lemay Charged With Incest Toddler Rape

Cyber Foot Prints

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Fresh From The Press 11/22

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Cali Teen Plead Guilty In Exchange For 21 Year Sentence

Missing Girl’s Mom Charged With Child Abuse

Phoenix Man Admits Burglary and Molestation of 4 Year Old Girl

Alleged Jerry Sandusky Victim Leaves School Because Of Bullying

DeFuniak Springs Man Charged With Child Molestation

Congressman Says Molestation Charges Are Blackmail Attempt

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

War of Words To Fuel Bernie Fine Molestation Story

Is This Just The Beginning?

Tutor Get 6 Year Sentence For Molesting 2nd Grader

Rants and Raves

Former NHL Player Helps Victims of Molestation


Not Charged

Fresh From The Press 11/21

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Child Molester Stats

“The serial killer has the same personality characteristics as the sex offender against children”
-Dr. Mace Knapp, Nevada State Prison Psychologist.

Resources/ Toolbox

The National Children’s Advocacy Center


Man Has Over 24 Cases of Rape

 Salem Oregon Man Arrested For Exposing Himself To Kids

 Wolf In Sheep Clothing

Guidance Counselor Jailed For Sexting 15 Year Old Boy

Teacher’s Role In Porn Site Investigated

4 Indicted In Child Assault

 Former Officer Accused Of Raping Child

Fresh From The Press 11/17

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Youth Pastor Fired Before Molestation Probe

Sex lies and Videotape/ Blog Talk Radio

Staggering effects That U.S.Battle Child Molestation

Edinburg Man Facing More Child Molestation Charges

14 million Dollars Awarded To Child Molestation Victim In S.C

Rants and Raves

Child Molestation Is Here To Stay

Race and Child Molestation

Media Morality & Molestation

Father Forgive Me

Child Welfare Stats Fact Sheets On Child Fatalities

Across the Pond
Canadian Man Sentenced In Having Largest Child Porn Owned

Tips To Prevent Sex Abuse Of Your Child

Ohio Father Choked New Born With Baby Wipe

Five Teenagers Convicted of Killing Another Teen

Teen Arrested For Rape of 5 Year Old in McDonald’s Play Area