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The Daily Scoop 10/28/2011

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Child Abuse Cases Sent To Mediation

Man Indicted On Burglary and Child Molestation Charges

It’s A Wrap For Rap Star?

Psychiatrist Unfit To Stand Trial On Molestation Charges

Daycare Closed For Investigation Of Child Molestation

Child Pornography Suspect Attacks Dectectives

12 Year old Girl Reports Molestion in Park Concession Stand

Gymnastics Coach Resigns Position

Homosexuals and Child Molestation


Caring For Our Children Foundation


The Dishonor Roll-Women Arrested for Indecent Behavior With Kids


From The Archives-Sandra Cantu Case: Accused Female Molesters Rare, Often Accomplices

Who Is Melisa Huckaby?

Most Female Child Molesters Were Victims Of Sexual Abuse

Muskego Woman Accused of Child Sexual Assault, Exploitation

Men With Home Daycares Arrested On Molestation Charges

Amber Alert Suspect Charged With Molestation

Connecticut School Crossing Guard Charged With Molestation

Accused Lawyer Argues Case Should Be In Juvenile Court

Fresno Fair Worker Retried On Molestation Charges

Dad Gets Prison In Child Torture Case

Sex Lies Videotape
Orange County Man Caught On Video Of Abusing Baby

Man Convicted Of Participating In Child Porn Ring

Across the Pond
Haiti Closes Orphanage For Child Neglect

Charges Of Mass Abuse At Vienna Foster Home Expand

New FBI Resources

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FBI-Crimes Against Children

New FBI Child ID Application For Smart Phones

Baltimore City Public Sex Tape Scandal

Teen Mentor Accused of Sending Nude Pics

Anonymous Hackers Take Down Child Pron Websites And Leak Out Names

Brothers Charged In Molestation

Teen Murder Suspect Carried Backpack Full Of Hate

Top Chef Indicted On Child Porn Charges

Charges Filed Against Parents For Locking Boy In Room of Fece Filled Trailer

College Child Abuse

Street Named After Child Abuse Victim/ State Seeking Death Penalty Against Foster Parents

Anything Goes- Open Forum

Top Stories

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Former Vice Principal Convicted of Molestation

Scottsdale Man Accused of Child Molestation

23 Woman Charged in Child Pornography

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