Blog Talk Radio Live 9/8-Pimps In The Pulpit/The Fallacy of Religion Today

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
Broadcasting live THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2011@ 5 pm Eastern Standard Time. All Hell is going to break loose on this one!!!!

What Is Wrong With Religion Today?

Topics to Include:

Mega churches Mega Problems?
The expectations of  ministers?
Are ministers pedophiles in disguise?
We will examine scandals across all religions?
What sanctions should be placed on ministers accused of sex crimes?
What has happened to African American church since the Civil Rights Movement?
How has the internet and other advances in technology changed religion?

Of course anything else you want to talk about on this topic….. We are hoping to have some guest ministers and active Christians and other believers of different faiths to call in on the topic……THERE IS NO CENSORSHIP……


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