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“Father forgive me but I know what I do.”

Former San Francisco Archbishop Named In Sex Abuse Compliant

Georgia was not the only thing on my mind.

Former Minister Faces Molestation Charges

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WTF-Accused Deacon Has Court Date

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
What the hell is wrong with touching little boys? They set my soul on fire and make my loins burn.

Accused Deacon of Child Molestation Has Day In Court

It was a fair trade 10 years of molestation for 1 Year in Jail and Probation. You have to love the justice system.

Men Rapes Daughter For 10 years

“He violated my soul.” She was talking about 43-year-old Jose Rangel.

When you sentence him today, don’t think of him as my father. He is not my father,” she said.

Children’s Author Accused of Molestation

There are some stories that just defy explaining. They dip into the darkest parts of humanity and all you can do at the bare minimum is to be outraged and disgusted. This one of those stories where that question the world we leave in. I was asked recently why am I do this movement. I guess when you read this story and others it becomes clearer why such a movement to save our children and others is needed.