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4000 hits on www.frommolestedtomajestic.com and over 500hits in 2 1/2 weeks on www.justsayitwrite.blogspot.com

From Molested to Majestic

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Just Say It Write

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When I started this project back in Hollywood, Florida/South Beach I had nothing in my head but a dream, a dream that consisted of bringing my words, my pain and my visions to the world. I had no idea how I was going to do it all, I just had the belief that God was going to see me through.  This journey has not been easy as I have been homeless, jobless and I have managed to lose everything that I had built over the course of 25 years in my career field.

I finished the book “From Molested To Majestic” last summer and it just sat as I was trying to get my life together. After losing everything in Florida, I was forced to live in New Orleans LA, Greenville S.C., La Crosse WI, Augusta, GA and Denver, Colorado all in an effort to stay employed. In January of this year I found out that I was a Type II Diabetic and that put me in the ICU for the entire month of February.

After coming out of the hospital I took a job in Denver, Colorado. It was here that I managed to pull the vision together with the help of God, my family and some amazing friends here on Facebook. Still with no clear direction, I self taught myself how to build websites and that is where everything came together and the birth of the “movement to take back our children, one child at a time, one village at a time.” formed.

Every news story on the website is a piece of the puzzle with the book ‘From Molested To Majestic” as the center piece and foundation for the movement. Now just two months later look where we are; we have touched the lives of over 4000 people….Amazing!!!!!!

I want to thank everyone that has helped to make this dream and this milestone so special. There are a lot of people I want and need to thank but this would be too long but I do need to shout these people out: My mother, my sisters, my children ( keeping their names out for privacy reasons) Teresa Craft I owe you so much for you have saved my life with the advice and your personal experience with diabetes. I want to thank you for putting me in your group with some amazing friends.

I love you Michelle, Tammy and Lois and the other 4,000 people in the “Insulin” Group on Facebook. I want to thank Esther for putting me in another amazing group that has helped me realize that there is no time for me to be complacent and that radical voice that put the fire and passion in my earlier poetry needs to resurface but yet be refined but still radical. I want to thank my Marketing Managers Cryss Jones for lending her talents to me and giving me a shoulder to lean on. I am encouraged to keep pressing forward as also walk with you through your storms as well. We are the umbrellas for each other and I promise you with every breath in me that my success will be your success. To my oldest sister who had to endure the issues that I was facing and had to remover her “sister” hat and guide me on the best path which she has always has done. Thank You to the two Doctors in my life my youngest and Dr. Tina Jordan.

The last thing that I want to say is that we have managed to launch our own weekly talk show on blog talk radio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dseaniam/2011/08/26/what-men-really-think-about-women-part-iiand a poetry website  www.justsayitwrite.blogspot.com which is inspired from the movement website www.frommolestedtomajestic.blogspot.com , the book and real life experiences.

Stay tuned as we have more major milestones to be reached before the end of the year.



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