WTF-Illnois Passes Law Banning Sex Offenders Fom Health Field

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Illnois Pulls Health Licenses of Sex Offenders



                    I can understand to a degree that you have to protect the community from certain type of criminals; that is a given but here is where I raise an interesting question. America is big on saying that it gives people a second chance to redeem themselves from any mistakes that they have made. 
                    Now what society doesn’t tell you is the difficulty that one faces after the mistake and it is because of laws like this that make it nearly impossible for a person to get a real break as advertised by society more so the rehabilitative anthem that floods our judicial system.
                     Now if a person cannot get a decent job, cannot move into better housing then what do we expect them to do? Unfortunately, when people hit these obstacles they give up trying and wound up going back to prison this time their crime is trying to survive; whatever that means to them.

                      Rehabilitation will continue to be a failure if we do not provide real and tangible resources for felons and people with drug addictions (but that is a whole different set of issues with its own set of dynamics.) If we are constantly dwindling the opportunites that convicted criminals have then we are basically saying that second chances in America are based on a lie and our judicial system is hypocritical at best.

                       Second chances have to meet with real tangible resources that allow people to elevate above their mistakes and become integrated back into the society that their crime took them away from.

                      If we are not going to honor our promises than we need to be honest and change the rules of law to reflect the truth and not be based on a faulty perception that people bet their lives on thinking that they can recover from their mistakes when the truth is that it is nearly impossible.


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