Justice Must Be Served?

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Va Rapist and Murder  Is Executed

The Process Behind Lethal Injection

According to the article there have been 32 executions thus far this year in 2011. Now when I read this article of course the obvious comes about whether executions work as a means of deterrence and then the other argument comes from those who favor pro life and rehabilitation which we know is a failure for a whole lot of reasons. What is an interesting point in this article is that the man killed the elderly woman and took the $60.00 dollars to buy marijuana. Now this poses in my mind a lot of questions but the big one centers around legalizing marijuana. Now if this drug was available at the time could this crime have been prevented? Is there a connection between violence and marijuana? Just maybe this criminal was speaking rhetoric? I don’t know the answers to. these questions.I can only speculate for now because both the victim and the criminal both are dead  Now in my mind I am trying to figure out in this whole scenario who truly is the victim?

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