WTF-Dad Catches Two Naked Teen Boys In His Apartment With Daughter

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

As I read through the story I can understand to a degree the initial reaction of the father but after that I believe that the situation could have been handled much better than that. I am speaking from the angle as a father who has three daughters so I can understand his rage but what troubles me here is the fact that there were two naked boys in the house having sex with his daughter; now why isn’t anyone focusing on that tidbit of information? What would have happened or what had already happened before the father arrived at home unexpectedly? The other question is where is or was the mother? The role of the media is to give us all of the facts not just what they think will boost ratings, sell newspapers or increase their presence on the web. The truth; now that is an underrated concept today.

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