Now What? After Being Not Found Guilty?

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Uncategorized


Here is one of the rare stories; a jury of his own peers found him not guilt of the rape of two boys. Now that same community that has set him free again will found him guilty in the court of public opinion or more so the dirty looks as he walks down the street of his community. People looking at him wondering if he actually did it and got away with. What happens now? Who is the victim in this case? Whose fault is it that is he free? Now apparently the state did not meet the burden of proof therefore this gentleman is free. We may like our judicial process but it is the system that we have in place and if we feel that it is not working then we as voting Americans need to demand that we change it. No matter how we feel about this verdict the fact of the matter is he deserves closure and the ability to move on with his life.


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