Commentary on Rebecca Blackmore

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just a few minutes I found a new story about a 16 year old who delivered and then killed her child. In researching the story it was discovered that there is a law that is called the ” Safe Haven Law” or “The Baby Moses Law” Now what this law does is to allow parents to legally abandon their children at designated safe houses without being prosecuted for abandonment. The law was enacted as a way of saving unwanted infants from being killed or abused by their parents. In researching this law I found that Texas was the first state to enact this law now why is that strange? Texas leads the nation in executions but yet passes a law to save life? Contradiction to the 3rd power and then some. Of course people always find loop holes in the system and this is no different. In Nebraska they passed the law that a child up to 18 can be protected by the law and so of course parents were dropping off their teenagers without recourse because of the law. Research reveals that the loophole has been changed. In the case of Rebecca North Carolina has such a law so Rebecca could have delivered the child to the Fire Department that was less than a mile from her house.


No person shall be prosecuted for any crime based solely upon the fact of leaving a child thirty days or younger in the custody of an employee on duty at a hospital licensed by the State of Nebraska. the hospital shall contact the proper authorities to take custody of the child.


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