WTF-1,2,3 Teacher has Sex with 3 Boys (2 @ Same Time)

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

1,2,3 Teacher Has Sex With 3 Boys

Inspired frome the story above

How can this be?
I am going to teach
You a little history
Scratch that
How about the birds
and the bees?
In the back of my
Jeep Cherokee
You can enter me and
Text me when you
want to have more sex
With me
At your house or mine
I don’t mind if
You bring your friend
Cause in the end
I’ll do him too
I just can’t get enough
Of having sex with you
Two or three
See my
17 year old
boy toys
Give me
So much joy
They are keeping me so young
I am having so much fun
Teaching them the history
Of the birds and the bees
And me……

                       0008000300020111 D’Sean Johnson Copyrighted


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