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What an honor to even be considered. My life is not based on awards, the real accomplishment is that I am leaving a legacy that is global in scope and will save our most precious resources-our children. I am humbled that they would even consider me.   
                       D’Sean Johnson
                       Chief Visionary and Change Officer (CVCO)
                       RDK Enterprises


 ” I got your book on my kindle and like I said, I haven’t been able to put it down yet. I just did so I could send you a message saying that I am HOOKED already and can’t wait to read the second book…

                                                                                                                                    Tammy Kissimmee Fl

New Born Found Dead In Grocery Store

An Open and Frank Discussion About The Recently Released Book “From Molested to Majestic” Focusing On Array Of Issues From Male Rape to Child Molestation. Will Discuss Technology And The Role It Plays Such As Sexting and Internet Child Exploitation Websites

From Molested To Majestic-Live Discussion on Blog Talk Radio

Hard times calls for hard candy

What Will You Do For $5.00 and A Jawbreaker?

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