WTF- Another Shooting At Chuck E Cheese

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Man Shot To Death Outside Chuck E Cheese


I am not sure what is going in with this restaurant chain but I am not the only one to see the pattern that keeps emerging here; this restaurant is not safe for anyone. Sure we all have been to Chuck E Cheese for birthday parties and we complain about the prices, how bad some of the children are and the behavior of the adults who in a lot of cases are acting worst then the kids. Now if you can’t be safe at a restaurant geared for children then sad to say that the world we live in has truly gone to hell. With several shooting in or around Chuck E Cheese restaurants don’t you think that Chuck E Cheese would be more “Proactive” then “Reactive?”  Why can’t Chuck E Chase hire off duty police officers to patrol the inside and the perimeter of all Chuck E Cheese locations? What processes are they using to screen out employees? The shooting in 1993 just outside Denver was extremely tragic because 4 people were killed, 2 of them were teenagers and a 16 year old female helped the gunman who was 19 to carry out the shooting. Even in the statement that I just made there are some other dynamics that need to be addressed. I remember back in the day that other restaurant chains were having the same issues and they made some changes in their security such as video cameras that actually work and teaming up with local police agencies for more around the clock patrols. I know that you can’t control everything and at least I have not been able to find yet that no child has been injured at Chuck E Cheese but with at least two high profile incidents don’t you think that it is time for the “E” in Chuck E Cheese to” stand for “Evolution” rather than “Entertainment” because I am sure everyone agrees with me that shooting are rarely “entertaining” in real life especially when our children are at risk.

D’Sean Johnson-Author


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