OMG- Mary J. Blige Opens Up About Sexual Abuse

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
Mary J. Blige Revels Her Sexual Abuse As A Child


                   Majority of us sit in our homes and look at people like myself and say “damn that is ashamed that happened to him.” In the next breath you turn a deaf ear and or selectively become numb when we speak out about the tragedy and offer you advice so that it will not impact your lives.

                There is a war being waged against America’s children and whether or not you like it or not if you are a parent you can not hide from it but you can protect yourself and your children. I expect that this story will get a lot of attention for who it is about and not what it is about.

                Stories from celebrities carry more weight and fascinate us more than the same issue being told by someone who is like us; ordinary everyday people. As different stars come out and expose their pain and hurt, it is the same for everyone else the only difference is our platform or chosen career is not in the spotlight or we are not in videos like popular singers. Stars can tell their tragedy and get instant sympathy while the common 9-5 person gets overlooked, labeled and the message gets water downed.

                The pain of being raped and molested does not diminish because of your status; rape is rape, molestation is molestation period. As a child we were introduced to the “boogie man” and at times it did scare us until we learned that it was not real. Today that “boogie man” from childhood is real and he/she comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.

              He/She can be a family member, coach, teacher, stranger and anything in between. Wake up and take note because if you don’t I am afraid that he will come knocking at your door and you will not be prepared to answer nor deal with the consequences.

                                                                                              D’Sean Johnson (Dee Jay) Author


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