What’s The "Pedophile" Trend In Texas?

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

” Everything is “bigger” in Texas and I guess that means the pedophiles as well”
                                                                                                                             D’Sean Johnson

Private School Teacher Sexually Assaults Student

Well, in the past couple of weeks we’ve had a couple of blond teachers, dirty blond and a saucy red head teacher. It was high time for a Joan Jett brunette to finally add herself to the mix. Those who drop by often enough to keep tabs on the naughty teacher parade we publish each week might be noticing a distinct trend.

Many of our naughty teachers stories come out of Texas, which has had some incredibly lenient rulings on proceeding cases, which sets a precedent of acceptability in the county courts there.

In comparison to many of the cases we report, a 17 year old student falls a little out of the scope of what we consider an ‘outrage’, however the real outrage lies in the sheer numbers of cases that are derived out of that state.

For a state that leans conservative overall, Texas seems to have established itself as the place to teach, should a teacher have an affinity for the underaged. Not a good reputation to project to a media which has become rather amused with the non-stop parade of such cases.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice


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