The Movement Begins Now!!!!!!

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Movement Begins Now!

       “taking back our children, one child at a time, one village at a time”

When I started writing this book last year there was no real purpose in bringing the book to the market other than to bash women and make some money in the process. After having an epiphany and changing the title compassion replaced resentment and the “movement” began to take shape. I never thought in all of the years of writing that I would be in the front of any movement that I have started although I have had my share of writing political poetry.

I feared spearheading any type of movement because the generation here has no idea the power that it truly possesses and that change is real, tangible and has a firm foundation built upon the blood and sacrifice of many people. Now hear I stand being part of a new movement that is aimed at saving the next generation, the generation that my children are in and the one after that where my grandson will be part of.

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