My Apology

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

The night has settled in here like a thief except the rumble of the thunder breaks through the quietness. I am reflecting on many things as I sit here on yet another milestone 2,000 hits on the website. For all intent and purposes I should be on top of the world but I am not.  It is not that the book sales are slow, or the recent accident that nearly cost me my life, I think that it is the gnawing fear that the message is falling on deaf ears and because no one is listening the opportunity for the boogie man to move from fantasy to reality grows with each passing moment. I am afraid that people think that they have the best locks or the best security systems installed in their world and that they are immuned to the danger but I am afraid that they are wrong. They don’t realize that some people in their world are “wolves in disguise” I know because I had one in our family that broke bread with us for over 30 years. I apologizing for now because I know that someone here is going to reach out to me from the darkness, the same darkness that the boogie man will emerge from and literally will turn their world upside down and it will be at that point that we both will be helpless as I try to disguise the expression on my face that clearly says loudly ” I told you so” and then what? I have to walk with them down a different road that is unfamiliar to them but no stranger to me and all the while I am saying why? They had options but now they are living with the choices;  a decision that will cost them a world of hurt that has a debt so high that no one can pay it with misery and death. This is not the time to say I told you but what else can I say when I have given you all of the tools for this not to happen but it did and now all I can say to you is this I am sorry that you did not listen to me but more than that I am sorry that I could not protect your child or your children. The failure is in both of us. Accept my apology.
                                                                                                           D’Sean Johnson (DJ)


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