Azz 2 Mouth- A New Way To Get Off

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

After taking Nikki shopping I pulled into here complex shut the Acura down and walked over to open her door. She turn slowly so I could see those sexy pink laced panties wrapped around her deep mocha cherry skintone. I was about to grab the bags when she took my hand led through the main door of her apartment building into the laundry room. She looked around and made sure that there were no clothes in the dryers or washers being used. She got down on her knees and take my manhood all the way to the back of her throat with no gag. When she got the erection that she wanted she pulled her panties off jumped on the washer and invited me in. After a good 20 mins of her legs wrapped around me and her dark azz cheeks bouncing against the washer she turned around bent over and guided me into her azz. I froze a river of emotions had hit me. I was wrestling with the memory of Marcus fu***** me in the azz and this tight young cherry that was working me. The tug of war continued until the memory of Marcus won. Right at the point of the erection going down she pulled away and went down on me. It was the freakest seen ever, she smiled and said A2M only with someone you love and in the heat of the moment. Chapter 15 Nikki

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