Emasculation and Castration (Tools To Keep Control of a Man)

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Women often use sex as a tool to gain leverage or as a weapon to destroy or conquer. Every time a man gets in a argument with a woman, the first thing she wants to do is cut him off. In most relationships the sex is the lure, the hook, the bait to get the man interested. During the honeymoon phase the woman is putting a master plan together with the end goal of getting married. It is the lessons that are taught to her from her mother and other matriarchs in her family that aids her in trapping the weak male. She is taught that men are weak and if you appeal to their logic with sound pointed reasoning that you can get anything that you want. Castration and emasculation are the tools to keep even the wildest bull under control. If you find a man that can resist sex and is not gay, bi-sexual or tri-sexual then the situation is hopeless and she taught to find a more domicile stud to castrate for her needs. Chapter 15 Nikki


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