When It Rains

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

” the one thing that I fear the most is that our society has become numb to the suffering of people moreso children then any other part of society. Under an umbrella of false security we think that we are immune to the ills of society until that one spot in the umbrella lets in the rain and then we want to get the information because it has hit us in our own backyards. At that point I get a call or email D’Sean I should have listened to you and then what? We are both handicapped by the situation when there was a viable option but you made a choice. Reactive vs Proactive; now your child has been victimized because you failed to act. I want to say “not on my watch” but I know that is a fallacy in thought. 1 in 6 for boys 1 in 4 for girls; with those kind of odds the best protection you can give them is the knowledge and wisdom you gain from people like me who have been through the storm and are trying their best to keep you from getting wet.

From The Youtube Interview-Part IV D’Sean Johnson


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