Snippet From Upcomng Interview with D’Sean Johnson

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
Interviewer: What is your sexual orientation?
D’Sean: Hetero-sexual non-practicing for now and it’s by choice
Interviewer: For now? Explain, please
D’Sean: Sex for has rarely been for pleasure. My first introduction to it has brought me to the point where I am right now. I despise it and I don’t need or want it in my life.
Interviewer: Are you bitter?
D’Sean: I am
Interviewer: And? Care to explain?
D’Sean: Her name is unimportant but let’s say that I loved her with every fiber within in me and she turned out to be the worst thing for me.
Interviewer: Why is that?
D’Sean: She was a dual whore; an Internet Hoe and had a record for prostitution.
Interviewer: Are you ob the D/L?
D’Sean: No
Interviewer: Are you bi?
D’Sean: No, the only thing I bi is shoes, clothes, cars and women.
Interviewer: Women?
D’Sean: just threw that out there to see if you paying attention ( smirks at the reporter)
Interviewer: How many children do you have?
D’Sean:4; 3 girls and a boy
Interviewer: Are you a good father?
D’Sean? Depends who you ask the question. Their mother’s probably think that I am the worst but my kids I believe think differently.
Interviewer: Are you a good husband?
D’Sean: No?
Interviewer: Why is that?
D’Sean: It requires a woman who knows how to be a good wife and that is impossible to find because everyone has their own motives and hidden agendas.
Interviewer: Married now?
D’Sean: Yes
Interviewer: How Long?
D’Sean: 9 years
Interviewer: Happy?
D’Sean: Let’s change the subject. ( curt and irritated)
Interviewer: Describe the book briefly
D’Sean: Erotic self help with a twist; the R Kelly of help books (smiling; amusing himself)
Interviewer: What characters or chapters stand out the most for you?
D’Sean : Chapter 9 Regina and Stacy, Chapter 13 Annette, Chapter 37 Valarie and Chapter 39 Faye Ramon Simpson
Interviewer: What about Chapter 2?
D’Sean: Ummm. Marcus? Deep breath…
Interviewer: Chapter 30 Michael or Chapter 29 Role Reversal or Predator
D’Sean” (clears his throat, adjust himself in the chair and stares deep into the eyes of the reporter)

See the rest of the interview on youtube the day of the book release 7/4/2011

  1. Anonymous says:

    enjoying the excerpts so far.. T Hart Conyers Ga

  2. Anonymous says:

    This blog is off the chain excellent work my friend! M Ellis B'more

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