On Turning The Other Cheek-Imbued From the Book

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

That twitch in my hips

Causes some to lick their lips

It’s no surprise

That the music between my thighs

Gives them a rise

As they have that look in their eyes

Hoping that I turn the other cheek

And give them what they seek

Cause non-resistance

Is the snack

They like to feast on

As they dine

Cause a delicacy

Like mine

Is so divine

Nectar sweet from the vine

Intoxicating their mind

Cause by design

I find that

Turning these butt cheeks

Always hurts from behind

Butt, I find that today

I will find the strength

To Say, No Way!!!!!

It Will Not Happen

Again today?

No way?


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