Interview With D’Sean Johnson- Part II

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Transcript of Interview With D’Sean Johnson-Author of the book From Molested to Majestic

Interviewer: Dee Jay again you have stated that you are not gay, on the down low or bi-sexual, yet you have lived in cities that have a lot of men statiscally speaking on the down low, care to explain?

D’Sean: Those are just stats and believe me it is just that a concidence.

Interviewer: For the record D’Sean Johnson  let me use your words “non-pracaticing  heterosexual male”

D’Sean: that is correct

Interviewer: I am told that this was not the orginal title of the book, May I ask what was the orignal title?

D’Sean: (sighs) Women Ain’t Shit was the original title of the book

Interviewer: You are kidding?

D’Sean: No, I am not

Interviewer: Why did you change the title from that to From Molested to Majestic?

D’Sean: Initially the title came when I was living in Hollywood and I woke up to “Waiting to Exhale” and “What’s Love Got To Do With it.” Needless to say hose two movies put me in a foul mood. Shortly after that I was enroute in to get me something to eat, while driving songs like “Scrubs,” ”Nothing Going On But The Rent”, “Super Woman” and “Survivor” was playing. I turned my cd on and Mr. Kelly’s “When a Woman’s Fed Up” started playing and I was saying to myself, “hell what happens when a man is fed up, ain’t nothing she can do about it.” All of those events individually and collectively imbue the project  “ Women Ain’t Shit.”

Interviewer:You still believe that.

D’Sean: Declines to answer. (gives a smirk and says) Support can still be found for that point Chapter 38 is a good one so is Chapter 37

Interviewer: What’s the matter D’Sean, someone broke your heart?

D’Sean: (deep breath)  When I love, I love hard but now it doesn’t matter; I have my book, the love of God, my children, my familiy and my fans.

Interviewer: Fans?

D’Sean: Yes, I have been writing with a group of writers  on a website “Quoteland or Word Distillery” for about 10 years and that is where I have a lot of fans from.

Interviewer: How do you feel about anal intercourse?

D’Sean: stuttering

Seeing the rest of the interview on Youtube to be released 7/4/2011


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