Excerpt From the Book

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Faye called me and told me that she had left her cellphone in the truck and could I bring it back to her. I told her that I was too far from South Beach to return but I had a lunchtime meeting near her job and I would return it to her. After I hung up the phone Faye’s cell phone rang. I paid it no mind and then it kept ringing for over 5 mins with the same number flashing on the screen. I picked the phone up to shut it off when I noticed that it was a 202 area code. As I looked at the icons across the screen, it said that Faye had 2 new messages. I opened message one and it said ” thanks for taking me around in the Yukon, that truck is  tight!” I can’t wait to hit that again, did you take the $1600 to pay your bills? I want to have so many babies with you, my body still aches for you, you told me I could have all the pu*** I want and damn do I want it.     Chapter 38-Faye Ramone Simpson

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