Excerpt From The Book From Molested to Majestic

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

A lot of guys have the fantasy of having sex with their babysitters and this in part due to the fantasies played up in the movies. Rene was significant in my development into manhood. Although some would argue that this was molestation, I want to disagree. Since I was 11 and Rene was 19 this made her a pedophile. If a 20 year old woman has sexual intercourse with a 10 year boy, this is clearly abusive even if no physical force is used or threat being made. the large age difference may make up vast discrepancies of power, especially in younger children; reasonable definitions of child abuse must address the issue of age difference.
                                                                                                               Chapter 3 Rene (Female Pedophile)


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