Excerpt From Molested to Majestic

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Peaches ran down the steps yelling at Nene, “Bit** I know that you hear me! don’t make me fuc* you up!” I looked at NeNe and asked her,”how do you know Peaches?” She dropped her and let out a deep sigh,”Peaches is my first cousin.” Before I could react Peaches opened the car door and grabbed NeNe by her weave and pulled her to the curb. I just shook my head as they were fighting. I said to myself, “here I go again fuc**** relatives; one day I will learn not to keep in the family.” As they were fighting and I was laughing I remembered that I had key of coke in the trunk. I put the.380 away in the glovebox and pulled off. As I turned the corner I heard the police sirens heading in that direction. Peaches and NeNe gave a whole new meaning to “kissing cousins.” Chapter 18 NeNe


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