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Posted: June 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

I designed the blog to help people get a sense of who I am, bringing to light an array of subjects that are considered to be taboo in our culture and at the same time bring hope to indviduals who may be going through what I have gone through or similar experiences. I also incorporated a you tube video that will give you a unqiue experience and may change your perception of the issues brought here. If you go on the site and click on the video, close your eyes and listen, however when you get to the end, ask yourself how would you feel if it was a boy? There is also poetry and resources for men who have been exploited as I have and still working through. Also if you have been looking I also do “social change” blogging as I will fight any company about bad business practices. I just started Blogg KingZ to help me get the message out to the world for people who are having issues with companies in the U.S.

Intown Suites Sheridan Colorado

No Way IDA


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